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Social Housing Refurbishments

We provide high quality refurbishment solutions for local authorities across the UK. Our team of experts have over 20 years experience in the redesign and refurbishment of all domestic properties. Well maintained properties are vital for public housing landlords and it is a legal requirement that properties are kept to a certain standard. Refurbishment with us ensures that local authorities are providing their tenants with high quality, modern homes, and our turnkey approach to refurbishment means that all aspects of the project from design to installation are covered. Properties in need of refurbishment often suffer from ageing fixtures, flooring and wiring. As well as this, it is important for the health and safety of tenants that their home is well-maintained, and that key structural areas are in the best condition. Public housing refurbishment may also include the installation of accessibility features including wheelchair ramps, stairlifts, and widened walkways.

We prioritise convenience and client-voice and we strive to constantly incorporate our clients company values in our work. We offer a wide range of refurbishments including transforming the function of existing rooms. This includes, but is not limited to the fit-out/refurbishment of; all aspects of the property including decoration, insulation, electrical, plumbing and flooring.

Refurbishments and fit-outs with us are cost effective and all work is carried out by experienced professionals. We provide a design and build service from inception to completion. During the planning stage, experts will work closely with clients to plan and design your project. It is during this time that clients can add their own flair to the design, we ensure that all clients voices are heard. Unique touches are added throughout, company branding is added, as well as specific requests in terms of colour, layout and furniture are also added at this point. Experienced professionals carry out the work, and the highest quality equipment and materials are used at every stage of the refurbishment. We are extremely mindful of providing fit-out and refurbishment work on tight time scales and we appreciate the importance of causing minimal disruption. Open lines of communication during the refurbishment process means that clients who use us are always kept up to date and their input is welcomed throughout.

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Energy Saving Measures

As the government tackles the increasing threat of Fuel Poverty across the UK, we work closely with Local Authorities to provide home improvements which focus on energy saving measures for tenants.

Key areas of improvement for public housing across the UK includes the installation of modern insulation materials in the external walls, windows and roof. Modern low carbon technologies are also being increasingly used to provide hot water and lighting with minimal waste.

We handle every aspect of the home refurbishment process, from the design stage to the installation of fittings, fixtures, wiring, insulation and all other areas of the home. We work closely with Local Authorities to ensure that

The Decent Homes Standard

Legislation requires accommodation owned by social housing landlords to meet a certain standard. We work closely with landlords across the UK to ensure that properties are refurbished to the highest possible standard and that all legal requirements are met. Some of the key requirements include:

• Property must be free of Category 1 hazards
• Have reasonably modern facilities and services
• Provides a reasonable degree of thermal comfort

Our refurbishments cover all aspects of the Decent Homes Act and our team of experts are proficient in the installation of flooring, wiring, plumbing, insulation and decoration. Our versatile team work tirelessly to provide social housing landlords with the highest quality work to ensure that their tenants have a safe, comfortable place to call home.

For other external fit-outs and refurbishments, we are on hand to provide services to a range of services including; gardens and communal areas, building refurbishment, exterior refurbishment including car parks, entrances, walls and roofing. With over 20 years experience, we pride ourselves on versatility. This allows us to be fully adaptable to the needs of all clients across the social housing sector.